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My Wealth Conscious Coach 

believes the time is NOW

You deserve to do what you love and love what you do with your money. You can make fantasy become reality when your financial behaviors and beliefs are in line with your purpose-driven actions - you can live your best life with full potential!

You were meant to experience financial freedom.

Yet, you’re not exactly sure how you feel about your relationship with money. 

You might have a highly-regarded job or a successful business, but you find yourself craving more confidence, satisfaction, and influence with your wallet.

You want to increase your impact - and give back to causes you care about - while securing the future for you and your family. 

And, even more importantly, you’d love to make changes with your money habits or patterns without sacrificing your quality of life.

You just aren’t sure what changes you need to make to get to the point where you’ll have a true sense of financial well-being.

Money Motion

Do you know it’s time to make a change with your finances but you just aren’t sure where to start?


You have great passion for your business or family but lack the time to get what you need done with your money? 


Are you the Numero Uno issue getting in the way of claiming your own financial success?


Money Motion is a 6 week intensive program for self-driven women who are ready to transform their relationship with money in all areas of their lives. I designed this breakthrough program with YOU in mind. Yes, you. The mover and the shaker. The on the go woman who is up to big things in all arenas. The woman who just needs some loving accountability to get your financial shit-together!


In this program, AJ guides you through the process of identifying your top financial priorities and gives you the tools that are proven to set you up for successful completion in six weeks. Yep, you heard us - a strategy with action steps in six weeks!


Each week you will explore what it takes for you to creatively achieve your money goals and identify tangible, actionable steps for you to create long lasting results on you and your finances. 

Money Magic

Are you ready to create a financial plan but have no idea where to begin? 


Perhaps you know it’s time to start investing but a lack of confidence or knowledge on the how-to keeps you stuck on the side lines?


Or maybe you just know deep down inside, you’re meant to be financially successful but keep hearing that little voice that tells you, you’re not enough or good enough?


What would be possible if you created your own definition of wealth and let it guide your financial decision making on a daily basis?


Money Magic, the MWCC flagship service, encompasses everything AJ learned working over 15 years in the wealth management and financial services industry with…. a little magic.


Ok, of course it takes more than supernatural powers, but the promise of this immersion is you will leave with a whole new way of looking at your money and wealth. The promise of this service is that you will complete with confidence, clarity and a financial legacy plan to make your money work for you, rather than the other way around!

Young Artist

Through Money Motion,

I am learning to put my money towards things that matter to me. 

By doing this, I feel less shameful and guilty about money and am receiving things in return that I didn't realize I was seeking. 


Happy Couple

" Money Magic helped me articulate certain money habits and behaviors to my husband in a simple way that he could finally understand (after 26 years of marriage) and the conversation wasn’t stressful!" 


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