The million dollar questions I get asked on the daily...

The million-dollar questions these days: How do I decide whether to save or invest money in uncertain times? How do I plan for a financial future when I can’t even plan a happy hour with my girls next week? How can I sustain my business through COVID and well past it? I can honestly say these are questions on my mind and in my heart too. As a wealth conscious woman leading other women on a similar path, we’re navigating a new challenge that no one could have anticipated. In times like these, I turn to creativity and community as my guide. And the basics… The advice that’s always stood the test of time, through economic highs and lows of the past. Want to know the basic, most simple advice I give? Set your financial intentions (not resolutions) that leave you feeling inspired and empowered to make the smartest financial decisions to date.

I’ve worked with incredibly successful women over the past 15 years and I know that learning how to set financial goals with clarity and confidence can make or break your intentions in any economic or financial situation you may find yourself in. I used to spend the first quarter of the year doing Annual Reviews with clients, only for them to realize last year’s financial goals were lost and forgotten like their dead-end New Year’s resolutions. This is why I shifted my attention with clients from resolutions to intentions - to become aware of habits, beliefs and patterns that keep us up at night and cause us to all collectively run around in circles.


Ok, so what’s a financial intention you might be asking? Financial intentions are simply actions and plans for your resources that align with your financial future and vision. Sound too easy? Well it really is easy, the hard part is figuring out which financial priorities, decisions and plans you need to put your attention on. First step: Get connected and aligned to what matters most in your financial future. Do you have a passion project you’ve been wanting to start full time? Or maybe, you’re wanting to start saving for that vacation you’re now LONG overdue for? Whether your goals or short or long term, you need to get connected with the bigger picture and your vision.


Vision boards and exercises are some of my absolute favorite pastimes. I tell all my clients to bring into vision their wealth often… and why? I have found when you look into your future, you remember your big picture goals rather than getting stuck in the current day issues and dramas clouding and muddling your vision. After a decade of working with clients and their financial advisors on the value of financial planning, I found that often in the wealth management industry the focus is around the quantitative performance of the investments and returns versus the qualitative attributes of client’s dreams and desired futures. This is when I started asking… how can we combine the two to create a holistic financial approach?

Enter My Wealth Conscious Coach, the company I founded in the peak of COVID in 2020. Our mission is to ignite financial transformation in women to uplevel the world! We empower them to take charge of their own finances by partnering an abundant mindset with fun, feminine and creative wealth management tools! Here is the process we follow when we work with women on their financial legacy planning:

  1. Go to a moment in time 10 years into the future. Trust that you know, what you know, what you know. State the date, be in it, picture yourself there… Where are you? Who are you with? What do you see?

  2. Take 20 minutes to journal every juicy detail!

  3. Create your SMART (specific, meaningful, attainable, realistic, timely) milestones to outline the financial goals and priorities in 1, 3, 5 and 10 years time.


If you’ve ever been inspired to do any type of visioning, you’ve most likely operated out of an anti-vision. Imagine you’ve contemplated your financial dreams, laid out a plan or budget and then days or weeks later found yourself asking “Why am I doing this? Why did I start this?” Well, you’re in great company my friend! Most likely, when you find yourself in this scenario, you have been a victim of your anti-vision.

Anti-who? Anti-vision.

And you better believe when you’re setting financial intentions and goals, all kinds of fun “not-enoughness” and scarcity thoughts surfaces. The best way to think of an anti-vision is a dream crusher! It’s the voice of doubt, the skeptic, the critic, the judger and the over-analyzer. If we look at the Universal Laws of Prosperity, the source is rooted in the Law of Attraction. Easily, said, where your attention goes, your energy flows. If you are thinking negatively about your money or finances, guess what, you attract more of those thoughts. The thoughts then become your actions and then your actions become your results. Rinse, Repeat, Rinse, Repeat.

Here’s the best ways I’ve found to get your head back on right: community and connection. In our exclusive program, Money Magic, I work with a small group of women who mean serious business about not only overcoming their antivision but achieving their financial goals and leaving a powerful legacy for their family and community. The power of this collective groups intentions reminds these women they are not alone and that they have a strong circle of supporters to achieve whatever their powerful minds and big heart desire.

Plus, I like to keep it real and on point so each woman leaves with a lasting financial transformation in the whatever areas they need it most.

So, where do I start? Visions, antivision or financial intentions? Get involved in our community of like minded women who are up to big things and ready to claim their confidence and worth with their wealth.

Like these vibes? I have more where this came from.


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Much love and respect - AJ

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