The Money Mindset Makeover is a fun and interactive 90 day online, community-based coaching program led by AJ Bishop, a Managing Director of Investments with 15+ years of experience in the wealth management industry and 10+ years of combined experience with self leadership, development and coaching through the Baptiste Institute and Lightyear Leadership.  


It was created to give you the money mindset makeover you didn’t even know you needed! It will teach you how to get unstuck from the negative, scarcity and fear-driven thoughts about money that are running through your head and controlling your life. The program will empower you to move forward confidently with a brand new money mantra and a powerful approach to choose and act on any and all financial decisions. 

My Money Mindset Makeover is the launching pad of a four-step empowerment program on achieving financial freedom, fulfillment and prosperity with My Wealth Conscious Coach and AJ Bishop. 

My Money Mindset Makeover group coaching program will teach you how to:

  • Identify the unwanted, ugly and fear-driven money stories, thoughts and beliefs in your head inherited from society, your family and your community. 

  • Recognize you have the choice and personal power to release your money anxiety and change behaviors, patterns and thoughts that no longer serve you ASAP. 

  • Bring light to the positive, abundant thoughts about money that connect you with choice, possibility to after whatever the hell you want in life now. 

  • Move forward with a new and empowering money mantra to take bold action on any and all financial decisions in your life. 

My Wealth Conscious Coach was created to teach others that wealth is a mindset that can be learned by anyone no matter their upbringing, background, ethnicity, social class or where they are in life today. 


It was established to provide the tools and resources to give people the choice to shift their negative and scarce thoughts around money into ones that are positive, abundant and full of possibility. Knowledge is power and My Wealth Conscious Coach gives you the knowledge to create more personal power and confidence around money in your life.

Once this mindset is learned, it can be applied to your life and circumstances in real time to create prosperity, wholeness and fulfillment. 

  • What’s prosperity? Flourishing financially. 

  • What’s wholeness? Building a complete and whole relationship with your money. 

  • What’s fulfillment? Bringing your vision to life and being satisfied with the amount of money you’re making. 


My Wealth Conscious Coach believes the time is NOW and you deserve to do what you love and love what you do. You can make fantasy become reality when your mindset is on your side through developing your unique money mantra - living into your full, limitless potential! 

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